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Vendor's FAQ and important info

Applications will not be considered if they are not completed in full according to the application criteria on the website. 

Move-in information will be sent to you in the days leading up to the show. Please keep that email for your information.

Directions and set-up hours will be in the move-in email. Please take note of loading doors as the front entrance of the venue is not to be used for moving in/out. 


Your space number is available at the time of move in. 


IN BURLINGTON **NEW Tables are not included in your space.  They will be available to rent for $25+ tx  (6' x 2.5') at the time of applying for the show. They are NOT available to rent on site. 

IN ANCASTER tables and chairs are provided. They will be stacked in the exhibit hall. Take note that the tables are heavy. You will need a buddy and/or a dollie to get them to your space. You are responsible for returning them to the stack at the end of the show. **The only way that 2 Ancaster tables can fit within a 10x10 space is parallel to each other. It would leave a 5-foot wide aisle space for you and your customers to be in. 

10x10 booths and larger will have draped back walls, no side walls.

Chairs are provided at no cost

Tablecloths are required (provided by vendor or available to rent) and must go to the floor.

Hydro is available if ordered in advance for $20 + tx (Ordered no later than 14 days before the show)

Free WIFI is available, but the signal is not great in some areas. 

IN BURLINGTON Tabletop space is approximately 5ft deep by 6 ft wide. You may set up your display to suit your needs within 6' x 5'. This space must include yourself as selling is not allowed outside of your allotted space. If you are providing your own table, it must be no longer than 6' long. 

IN ANCASTER  Tabletop space includes an 8' x 2.5' table within a 10' wide space. These are located in the corridor (outside the entrance to the large hall).  As per fire code regulations, all tables and chairs must be against the wall and all items for each table are only stored directly on or directly under the table and do not encroach into the hallway or main foyer.

No back or side walls will be allowed for table top spaces unless requested and approved in advance of the show. This is in consideration of your fellow exhibitor.

Space sharing is not permitted. One vendor per assigned spot.

We can not guarantee dollies to move your product during set-up or breakdown.

Large signs...Your booth display including signage must not obstruct a clear view of your neighbouring booths.

Can my customers pick up orders at the show? Yes of course, in fact we love that you are bringing people to ABAZ, however, they do have to pay admission. But they get to enjoy the whole show!

Is there parking?

Yes. We have plenty of free parking

Is the site wheelchair friendly?


Why am I not included in the Gallery?

Photos, once-sentence bios and links must be provided by the vendor at the time of application if you would like to be included in our online gallery. Photos must be professional product shots, preferably with a white or solid background. We reserve the right not to publish photos that do not meet our standards. There is direct correlation between the quality of the photos submitted and their chance of being used in our advertising campaigns  

Can I bring new work?

Only items submitted for jurying are to be displayed and sold. JC Productions/ABAZ may remove any item not deemed acceptable.

Do I need my own insurance?

JC Productions (JCP) will not be liable for loss or damage of vendor property. Since the exhibitor is at his/her own risk in every respect, he/she must carry general public liability insurance, and provide proof if requested, covering bodily injury and property damage for a minimum inclusive limit of $2 million. Exhibitors wishing to insure their goods must do so at their own expense. Exhibitors agree to exclude JC Productions from any claims arising from their participation in the Artisan Bazaar.Exhibitors must ensure that they have adequate liability and property insurance and assume full responsibility for any damages while on JC Productions/ABAZ/Ancaster Fairgrounds/Holiday Inn Burlington property. 

What do you do with my item donation?

We use your generous item donations to raffle off to visitors. This is a very popular feature of our show. The raffle ballots help us to gather information about the shoppers so that we may target our marketing effectively.

Can I bring staff?

You may have one additional staff during the show. 

** You are allowed helpers during set-up and break-down.

What if I can't make it to the show?

Please call or text Jackie ASAP. 905 516-9678 We will not be available by email on the morning of set up.

We realize that sometimes things happen and last-minute cancellations may be unavoidable. However,it is imperative that we are notified ASAP so that we have time to re-configure the layout of the show so that your absence does not impact your fellow exhibitors. 

**All booth fees paid will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

The following points were in your vendor agreement but are worth mentioning again...

Late arrivals without prior notification run the risk of their space being forfeited. Booth fees will not be refunded or transferred.

Breaking down prior to the show closing is strictly prohibited and could result in you not being invited to return to future events, including shows that are already booked and paid for. If those shows are within 30 days all fees will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

50% of booth fees are non-refundable and non-transferable if you drop out for any reason.

The balance of show fees will not be refunded if cancellation is less than 30 days before the show's opening.

If you do not show up for the show you have committed to, we reserve the right to rescind your acceptance to future shows and 50% of the forthcoming show fees already paid will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

No refunds or credits will be applicable if the show is cancelled due to bad weather or conditions/events out of our control. 

There is no rain date. 

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