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SELECTION - Our shows are juried. Our primary basis for acceptance is the quality, originality and craftsmanship of the work to be sold. Acceptance is also based on booth display, product packaging and product categories within each show so that no one category is over-weighted.

Applicants with a focus in one main product category will receive preference over applicants having multiple product lines. Applications whose main product category is not jewellery, may not sell jewellery products unless specifically juried and accepted. Reproduction aids such as moulds used in jewellery or ceramics must be created by the applying artisan.

ELIGIBILITY - You must be the designer and the creator of the work to be sold. Only work produced in Canada by you or under your direct supervision will be considered. Commercially manufactured products, work assembled from commercial kits or materials or work represented by dealers or agents will not be allowed.


PRESENTATION - The professionalism of the booth display is a major consideration in our applicant selection and is also a determination in booth placement within the show. Your booth design should enhance the quality of your work, not detract from it. Your boot display setup matters greatly to us. It is a top priority when evaluating applicants. We seek clear, professional signage, multi-level displays that are fully stocked but not overly messy, and well-lit presentations.


SPECIALTY FOODS + BODY CARE PRODUCTS - Specialty Foods And Body Care Products - We make available a limited number of booths for gourmet packaged foods and health and body care products. Food vendors will be responsible for obtaining and submitting the appropriate permits/reports to comply with permission for food sales to the public




APPLICATION - Complete the enclosed application form in its entirety.


PHOTOS - Please submit a maximum of 5 high resolution photos representing all of the work you plan to sell at the show. The photos must be close-ups of individual pieces. If you are accepted into the show, these images will be used to promote you and your work on our website and may be used in our advertising materials. There is direct correlation between the quality of the photos submitted and their chance of being used in our advertising campaigns. Please also include a photo of you working in your studio or workshop.


BOOTH DESIGN - Please submit a clear and recent photo or detailed diagram of your booth display. The professionalism of displays is a very important part of our acceptance criteria and a major consideration in booth placement within the show.

DEPOSIT - Please be prepared to submit payment p show payable to JC Productions, dated the day of your acceptance. This (these) will only be processed if you are contracted for space in the show(s) to which you have applied.


ACCEPTANCE If you are successful in your application, you will receive your letter of acceptance and show contract by email to the address you have indicated in your application form. Please read these documents carefully. The contract will indicate the booth size and type for which you have been accepted. We attempt to accommodate your original request but this is not always possible and an alternative size may be contracted. The products that you are accepted to display and sell will also be indicated. Only the products that were submitted for jurying and indicated in the show contract will be allowed at the show. You must sign, date and return the contract by the indicated due date. You must also select one of our payment options as indicated in the contract and include post-dated payments as outlined. 




Deposit is non-refundable. Show fees will not be refunded if cancellation is less than 30 days before the show opening with the exception of COVID required cancellation.

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