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Exhibitor Agreement

Terms & Conditions

Booth Displays & Regulations:

  1. Booth sizes vary, and back wall curtains are provided for 10X10 or larger booths. (at the Ancaster Fairgrounds).

  2. Hydro is limited to 400 watts, and compliance with safety regulations is mandatory.

  3. No smoking or open flames are allowed inside the exhibition buildings.

  4. Show Management reserves the right to remove non-compliant items or exhibitors.

  5. Electrical equipment must be C.S.A. approved.

  6. Booth locations are determined by Show Management and are final.

  7. Exhibitors must not exceed their designated booth space.

  8. Exhibitors are responsible for tax collection, permits, and insurance.


  1. The exhibitor buildings will be locked overnight, and no access will be granted after show hours.

  2. Show Management and Ancaster Fairgrounds or Holiday Inn are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged exhibitor items.

Management Liability & Exhibitor Insurance:

  1. Show Management is not liable for loss, damage, theft, or destruction of exhibitor property.

  2. Exhibitors must indemnify Show Management for any losses or claims.

  3. Exhibitors are required to have comprehensive insurance of no less than 2 million dollars.

  4. Show Management is not responsible for circumstances beyond its control.

Exhibitor Agreement Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must be the crafter/designer and actively involved in all aspects of your product's creation.

  2. Commercially manufactured goods will NOT be accepted.

  3. Only items submitted for jurying are eligible for display and sale. JC Productions may remove any item deemed unacceptable.

  4. Exhibitor acceptance may be conditional upon the sale of specific items selected by JC Productions.

  5. Exhibitors are expected to participate for the entire event duration. Closing or dismantling your display before the show ends is strictly prohibited and may result in exclusion from future events, including those already booked and paid for within 30 days. All fees in such cases will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

  6. Every effort will be made to operate the event, but JC Productions will not provide compensation for income loss in case of cancellation or alteration of the show's operation. Space fees will not be refunded.

  7. Decisions made by the Selection Committee are final.

  8. JC Productions is not liable for loss or damage due to vandalism, fire, flood, theft, or acts of God.

  9. Exhibitors must have adequate liability and property insurance, assuming full responsibility for damages on JC Productions' property. Exhibitors agree to exclude JC Productions from any related claims.

  10. Exhibitors are solely responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, and hazard-free exhibit. 

  11. Liability insurance: JC Productions (JCP) will not be liable for loss or damage of vendor property. Since the exhibitor is at his/her own risk in every respect, he/she must carry general public liability insurance, and provide proof if requested, covering bodily injury and property damage for a minimum inclusive limit of $2 million. Exhibitors wishing to insure their goods must do so at their own expense. Exhibitors agree to exclude JC Productions from any claims arising from their participation in the Artisan Bazaar.Exhibitors must ensure that they have adequate liability and property insurance and assume full responsibility for any damages while on JC Productions/ABAZ/Holiday Inn Burlington property.

  12. Vendors must have appropriate permits, product labels, and collect all applicable sales taxes. Exhibitors are responsible for their own credit/debit card services.

  13. Space sharing is prohibited.

  14. JC Productions reserves the right to relocate exhibitors.

  15. Prices of displayed work must not be altered "for quick sale" or marked as "reduced." The sale of "seconds" is not acceptable.

  16. Display units must not extend beyond the allotted space.

  17. Raffle lotteries or the sale of tickets are not permitted.

  18. Parking is restricted to vendor areas. Vehicles will be towed at the owners' expense.

  19. 50% of booth fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event of cancellation within 30 days before the show opening, the balance of show fees will not be refunded. No refunds will be issued if the show is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or circumstances/events beyond our control. If Show Management is unable to conduct the show due to circumstances beyond its control, such as strikes, civil disobedience, inclement weather, lockouts, acts of God.

  20. There are no "Rain Dates"

  21. Failure to attend a committed show may result in the rescission of your acceptance to future shows. 50% of forthcoming show fees already paid will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

  22. Late arrivals for show setup without prior notification risk forfeiting their space. Booth fees will not be refunded or transferred.


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