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Burlington Holiday Inn FAQ

Move-in Information: Move-in information is available on the Burlington Move-In Info page. You can also expect details via email closer to the event. Retain this email for reference.

Set-up Directions: Find directions and set-up hours in the Burlington Move-In Info page  and also in the email that will be sent to you closer to the date of the show.  Please use loading doors for moving in/out.

What will my booth number be?:
Space Allocation: Space numbers provided during move-in and not before. We do not have a final floor plan in place beforehand. 

Will I get a table? Tables not included; available for rent in advance.

Utilities & Amenities:
Hydro: is available if ordered in advance. Limited to first come first serve.

Tablecloths: Required (vendor-provided or for rent), must reach the floor.
Wi-Fi: Free, but signal strength may vary in some areas.

Specific Booth Details:
Dimensions and setup specifics, space configuration and regulations on walls and space utilization can be found on the Booth Expectations and Limitations page. 

Is there parking? Ample free parking is available. Please park away from the main entrance so that shoppers may have this access.

Is the venue accessible? The venue is a wheelchair-friendly environment.

Why am I not in the gallery? Criteria for gallery inclusion. If we did not receive photos that complied with our requirements outlined in the application, you may not be featured in the online gallery or social media posts. "PRODUCT PHOTOS. To be featured in our online gallery and potential social media showcases, we need individual item photos against a plain white or minimalist background, devoid of any text or logos within the image."

Do I need insurance? Please see the Insurance link on the Vendors Insurance page.

Can I bring new items? Only juried items are allowed for display/sale.

What do you use my item donation for? We utilize your generous donations for raffle prizes, gathering essential shopper information from the filled-out ballots.

Can I bring staff & helpers? Tabletop spaces can have a maximum of 2 people. Larger spaces may have additional staff. 

What is your cancellation policy? Important details regarding cancellations, late arrivals/early departures and show cancellations policies for weather-related cancellations can be found on the Cancellation Policy page. 

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