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How We Advertise

  • Event Highlights:

    • We create amazing gift baskets and door prizes from vendor-donated items.

    • Guests enter to win these prizes by filling out a simple ballot.

  • Insights from Ballots:

    • The ballots provide us with valuable info:

      • How guests discovered our events.

      • Whether they are new or returning attendees.

      • Contact details for our database.

  • Advertising Strategies:

    • We allocate our advertising budget strategically through:

      • Paid ads across social media platforms.

      • Placements in local print publications.

      • Eye-catching signs in high-traffic areas.

      • Promotion in print and digital publications like The Hamilton Spectator, Burlington Post, and other online event pages covering Hamilton, Burlington, and nearby regions.

  • Email Campaign Engagement:

    • Additionally, we run a dynamic email campaign:

      • Sending newsletters to thousands of engaged subscribers.

      • Keeping our audience informed and involved.

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