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Exhibitor Agreement

1. You must be the crafter/designer and must be involved in all aspects of the creation of your product.
2. Commercially manufactured goods will NOT be accepted.
3. Only items submitted for jurying are to be displayed and sold. JC Productions may remove any item not deemed acceptable.
4. Exhibitor acceptance may be conditional upon the sale of specific items selected by JC Productions.
5. Exhibitors are expected to participate for the duration of the event. Exhibitors must not close or remove any part of the display until after show closing.
6. Every effort shall be made to operate the event. Should JC Productions deem it necessary to cancel or alter the operation of the show in any way, JC Productions will not provide any compensation for loss of income, nor will space fees be refunded.
7. Decisions made by the Selection Committee will be FINAL.
8. JC Productions will not be liable for loss or damage due to vandalism, fire, flood, theft or act of God.
9. Exhibitors must ensure that they have adequate liability and property insurance and assume full responsibility for any damages while on JC Productions property. Exhibitors agree to exclude JC Productions from any claims arising from their participation in The Artisan Bazaar on JC Productions property.
10. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to keep their exhibit clean, safe and free of hazards.
11. All vendors making sales to the public are responsible for appropriate permits, required product labels and collection of all appropriate sales tax. Vendor permits must be displayed and, if applicable, tax registration number printed on receipts. Exhibitors are responsible for their own credit/debit card services.
12. Space sharing is not permitted.
13. JC Productions reserves the right to relocate exhibitors.
14. The price of work on display should not be altered “for quick sale” or be marked “reduced”. The sale of “seconds” is not acceptable.
15. Display units must not extend beyond the allotted space.
16. Raffle lotteries or sale of any tickets are not permitted.
17. Parking must be contained to the vendor parking areas. Vehicles will be towed at the owners’ expense.
50% of booth fees are non-refundable non-transferable.

The balance of show fees will not be refunded if cancellation is less than 30 days before the show opening.

No refunds will be applicable if the show is cancelled due to bad weather or conditions/events out of our control.