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Burlington Holiday Inn
Move-in information

Please read and follow the show set-up, and move-out instructions below to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Holiday Inn Burlington Conference Centre

3063 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3E9




from 8 am to 10 am.

Please have all packing materials put away no later than 9:45 am.

If you have not arrived or called us by 9 am you run the risk of your space being given away. If this should happen, no refund will be given



Loading is through SIDE ENTRANCE located on the Harvester Rd. side of the building. A diagram is attached below. Do not enter through the hotel lobby. 

This will take you to the conference area of the Holiday Inn where you can check in to find your space number.

-Absolutely no entering through other doors.

-Please move your vehicle away from the load-in doors immediately after unloading or loading to make room for the next vendor.

-Please do not idle your vehicle while loading/unloading.


There is free parking. Please move your vehicle to an area away from the close spaces to allow our visitors easy access to the show. This will help them have a more pleasant experience. Happy shoppers spend more money.  



-Keep your display and yourself within the confines of your allotted space.

-No cardboard shipping boxes are to be visible in your space.

-Only juried items will be allowed to be displayed & sold.

-Vendors will be responsible for the removal of their trash at the end of the day.

-Tables must be covered to the floor on all sides.

-Please keep all signage professional looking.

-Hydro is available ONLY if pre-ordered ($20+ tx) 

-There is wifi.

-If you have a tabletop space you may have 1 staff member(in addition to yourself) during the show. If you have an 8ft x 8ft or larger space you may have staff during the show.

** You are allowed 1 helper during set-up and break-down.

-Chairs are provided.

-Tables are NOT provided unless they were ordered and paid for at the time you applied to the show and are no longer available to order as of 2 weeks before show date.

-Dollies are not provided.



Begins at the close of the show: 4:00 pm.

Move-out is through the side entrance only. Please do not load in or out through the front lobby.

Please do NOT start packing up before 4:00 pm. To do so puts you at risk of not being invited to participate in future shows.

Move-out is from 4:00 pm. to 5:30 pm. All items, displays, and trash must be removed no later than 5:30 pm.



If you said "yes" to donating an item to our door prize, THANK YOU!

Please have it ready for us during set up so we can get the display table set up before all the customers arrive.

We use the raffle to gather client information so we may target our(your) advertising money effectively among other things.


Last but not least, please TEXT either Jackie (905-516-9678) or Carrie (289-925-6968) by 8 am on show day at the latest if you are not going to be at the show. Not knowing before that really hurts the layout of the show and therefore your fellow vendors.

Holiday Inn Burlington Conference Centre

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